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Weather on the Air: A History of Broadcast Meteorology


© 2010
Author Robert Henson
ISBN 978-1-878220-98-1
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 264
Table Of Contents TOC
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From low humor to high drama, weathercasting has encompassed an enormous range of styles and approaches over the decades, triggering chuckles, infuriating the masses, and even saving lives. Meteorologist and science journalist Robert Henson covers it all—the people, technology, science, and show business that combine to deliver the weather to the public each day. The first comprehensive history of its kind, Weather on the Air covers the evolution of weathercasts, from their roots in radio to the graphics-laden segments we watch on television today. An invaluable tool for students of broadcast meteorology, this book will entertain anyone fascinated by the public face of weather.

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